Akadémia 16

מחיר: 500 EUR
מרוהט: כן
מספר חדרים: 2
כתובת: 1054 Akadémia 16.
אֵזוֹר: 77 m²
מִרפֶּסֶת: 0 m²
קוֹמָה: 1
מעלית: כן
נוף: udvari
חֲנָיָה: utcán fizetős
עלות משותפת: 21.000 EUR
In the 5th district, a two-room apartment with large spaces to rent in a few steps from Parliament. The bathroom has a bathtub and a shower. The house is clean and  renovated. If required, the apartment can be furnished. The house rules do not prohibit short-term housing operation either. And the area speaks for itself.